When’s The Best Age To Receive Treatment?

Are you considering treatment for yourself or your child but don’t know if it’s too early or too late to begin? Decatur Orthodontics can help you answer the question, “When’s the best age to receive treatment?”


Ever heard the saying, “The early bird catches the worm?” Well, in orthodontics, the early bird might just catch a successful orthodontic experience!

Your child should have their first orthodontic smile assessment by age seven. Why so early, you ask? Well, early evaluations mean…

A Peek Into The Future.

When kiddos come in around this age, it gives us a unique opportunity to peek into the future. We can see how their adult teeth are planning to come in. This foresight allows us to guide these teeth into their ideal positions or make room if things look crowded.

Treatment For Difficult Issues.

Some orthodontic issues are easier to address when tackled early. Problems like crossbites can influence jaw growth, leading to asymmetry. By catching and treating these issues in their budding stages, we can guide the jaw’s development and ensure it develops symmetrically.

Less Invasive Treatments.

Early interventions can often be less invasive. For instance, minor space issues can sometimes be resolved with simple appliances, potentially avoiding the need for tooth extractions or other invasive procedures in the future.

Building Confidence.

Starting early is also about building confidence. Children who improve their smiles have a decreased risk of developing smile-related self-esteem issues and suffering the social consequences of looking and feeling different than their classmates.

A Setting the Stage for Teenage Years.

By addressing certain issues early on, we’re setting the stage for a smoother ride during the teenage years. This can mean shorter treatment times during those crucial high school years when yearbook photos and prom selfies are all the rage.

Though age seven might seem early, it’s the perfect time to lay the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. And remember, every child is unique. So, even if your child doesn’t need orthodontic treatment started immediately, these early evaluations can help determine the best time to begin.


Have you been asking, “When’s the best age to receive treatment?” If so, our Decatur Orthodontics team is here to help answer that question!


The rollercoaster of teenagehood is complete with growth spurts, voice changes, and, for some, braces! The teenage years are sometimes referred to as the “prime time” for orthodontic treatment. Let’s explore why these years are so pivotal.

The Perfect Storm of Growth and Development

During these years, teens experience rapid growth spurts that affect more than their height. The jaw’s growth during this period is ideal for correcting bite issues and aligning teeth. Teenagers who begin treatment typically have all or most of their adult teeth, and their bones are still developing, creating an excellent combination for teens who want or need to improve their smile.

All About Aesthetics

Whether it’s for a nice Instagram picture or just feeling confident in school, having a straight smile can boost self-esteem. And because most teens qualify for options like Invisalign for Teens and LightForce braces, achieving that dream smile has never been more stylish!

Active Participation

Teens are at an age where they can actively participate in their treatment. They can follow care instructions, maintain oral hygiene, and make informed decisions throughout their orthodontic journey. This active involvement often leads to better outcomes and a sense of ownership over their new smile.

Setting the Foundation for Adulthood

The decisions and actions taken during the teenage years can set the stage for adulthood. Like orthodontics for children, addressing orthodontic concerns in the adolescent years can reduce the need for additional treatments later in life and help teens enter their adult years with a healthy, beautiful smile.

With the fun, modern approach at Decatur Orthodontics, getting braces is more of an exciting rite of passage than a chore!


Let’s bust a myth: Orthodontics isn’t age-restricted. Teeth can be moved and adjusted at any age if the gums and bone structure are healthy. So, whether you missed out on braces as a teen or your teeth have shifted over the years, the door to orthodontic treatment is always open.

Modern Solutions for Modern Adults

Gone are the days when braces meant a mouth full of metal. Today’s orthodontic solutions are sleek, discreet, and designed with adults in mind. Options like Invisalign and Brava braces offer a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth, ensuring you can confidently rock that business meeting or weekend brunch.

Health Beyond Aesthetics

Straight teeth aren’t just about looking good; they’re about feeling good, too. Misaligned teeth can lead to issues like uneven wear, jaw pain, and gum disease. Opting for orthodontic treatment means investing in your smile and overall oral health.

Embrace the Journey with Confidence

Starting orthodontic treatment as an adult can be a powerful, transformative experience. It can be a time of self-improvement and self-love. And with the supportive environment at Decatur Orthodontics, every step of the way becomes an enjoyable adventure.

Age truly is just a number for achieving a radiant smile. With the advancements in orthodontics and a tailored approach, adults can obtain a functional, healthy, and attractive smile.

Have you been asking, “When’s the best age to receive treatment?” If so, our Decatur Orthodontics team is here to help answer that question!

Take The First Step With Decatur Orthodontics!

Did you notice how we said every age of treatment was great for one reason or another? That’s not an accident — there is no set age to begin treatment. You can start at any age! Each age range has pros, but the best time to begin treatment depends on many factors, not just your age.

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