The Future of Orthdontics: Grin Dental Monitoring

With the world moving at an ever-faster pace day in and day out, it sure seems like there should be something in the world of orthodontics that reflects the changes being made to the rest of our lives every day. Keep reading to learn about the future of orthodontics with Grin Dental Monitoring. 

What kinds of changes? Well, did you know that since 2020, there has been a major push toward remote work? That’s right, over 16% of United States companies nowadays have an entirely remote office environment. That means 26% of all US citizens work right from their own homes! 

But what does that have to do with orthodontics? Well, many of the technologies that have led to the revolution in remote work apply to other areas of our lives as well. In particular, telemedicine is a fast-growing phenomenon in the modern era, and it’s had pretty remarkable results! The rise of digital connectivity in all areas of our lives has brought great benefits for people from all walks of life, allowing them to get support when they need it most, overcome geographical barriers to care, and so much more. 

At Decatur Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the future of orthodontics: Grin Dental Monitoring. We asked Dr. Francis to sit down with us and go over the ins and outs of this exciting new technology – what is it? How can it benefit me? What do I need to do? 

Read on to find out! 

The Next Big Thing!

Are you ready for the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment? At Decatur Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer you the most exciting new technologies in the industry, guaranteed to make your smile wider and brighter than ever! Grin takes advantage of the rapidly-developing technology that most of us hold in our pockets every day to bring all the services of your friendly neighborhood smile specialists directly to your door. By combining your smartphone, the Grin App and Scope, and Dr. Francis’ comprehensive know-how and experience in expertly crafting smiles in and around the Greater Decatur area, you’ll receive the best care possible, delivering a faster, more customizable plan than ever before! 

Why Use Grin? 

All across the country, people are learning about the advantages of the Grin Remote Monitoring System. How many people? Well, Grin has had a big impact on the industry and has partnered with such institutions in the field as Oral-B. Check it out!

Nothing provides the convenience and ease of use of Grin Remote Monitoring. Whether you can’t make it into the office for checkups or you just want to have the freedom to open your schedule, the Grin app, mouthpiece, and your smartphone can have you working hand-in-hand with Dr. Francis without interrupting the things you want to get done. You can quickly send scans of your teeth to your orthodontist from anywhere and at your convenience. Then Dr. Francis can message you back with their assessment right in the Grin app. Simple and fast!  

The Future of Orthdontics: Grin Dental Monitoring


Highly Intuitive and easy

Grin is as simple as calling your friends and family and stepping on a video chat or sending an attachment with a work e-mail. There’s nothing to it! Dr. Francis and the staff here at Decatur Orthodontics will walk you through the signup process. Then, you’ll download the Grin App. 

Dr. Francis will provide you with the proprietary Grin Scope®. Once you’ve got that, it’s as simple as attaching it to your phone (Don’t worry, there are attachments for all different types of smartphones!) and taking a scan of your teeth. Then, you’ll submit the scans to Dr. Francis via the Grin App. You’ll be able to include any questions or concerns you may have regarding your overall treatment plan or your progress along with your video. Since Dr. Francis can see your particular questions and concerns, you’ll receive just the feedback that’s important to you! 

Bottom line – Grin makes your orthodontic treatment simple and easy, cuts time at the office, and saves you money in the process.  

What Sorts of Benefits Come With Grin Remote Monitoring? 

Fewer Office Visits 

You’ll spend a lot less time coming into the office and sitting down in the chair. With frequent remotely accessible check-ins, you’ll only have to come in when it’s really necessary! 

Fine-Tune Your Orthodontic Care

The more you and Dr. Francis communicate with your Grin Remote Monitoring system, the better we can fine-tune your degree of care. This means you’ll always have the confidence that your treatment is going exactly as it should! 

More frequent progress checks means your orthodontist can fine-tune your treatment for better results. You’ll get peace of mind knowing everything is always on track.

Highly Convenient and Easy to Use

Scans can be sent from absolutely anywhere with a wifi connection. And since they only take about 60 seconds, you’ll always have time to check in. Nothing could be easier! This frees you up to take care of other priorities. 

Spend Less Time At The Orthodontist But Stay Connected

Here at Decatur Orthodontics, we make it a priority to develop the best treatment plans for each of our patients that maximize efficiency without sacrificing a bit of care. 

This makes Grin a truly great fit. Grin provides you with the professional oversight for your Invisalign or braces treatment that you need, no matter where you are! With the Grinn app, you’ll have access to Dr. Francis like never before – this means no more working to schedule an in-person visit that manages to fit into your busy schedule for simple matters like progress updates. Gone are the days of leaving a message and hoping you don’t end up playing phone tag for days or weeks. Grin allows you to communicate directly with Dr. Francis, wherever you are, at any time convenient for the both of you.

​​The Future of Orthdontics: Grin Dental Monitoring

Don’t Wait! Call Today to Get Connected! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us and learn a little more about the exciting new development in orthodontic care that is the Grin Remote Monitoring system. At Decatur Orthodontics, we like to believe that our patients are our family, and who wouldn’t want their family to have access to the latest and greatest technology and care in the industry? 

So don’t hesitate – give us a call or come on down today, and we’ll get you set up and ready to smile in no time!