The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Orthodontic care is a big commitment; you don’t want to trust your oral healthcare to anybody.

At Decatur Orthodontics, we know you have a lot of choices of where to receive your orthodontic care, but we’d like to take a moment to share a little bit about what makes an experience with us unique and worthwhile.

Orthodontic Expertise!

Not every place offering orthodontic care has the advantage of having an orthodontist to administer your care, or at least not one you speak to face-to-face! 

On the one hand, some dental offices provide clear aligners for their patients. At Decatur Orthodontics, we value and appreciate dentists and encourage all our patients to consistently attend their appointments before, during, and after orthodontic treatment. However, dentists are not orthodontists. After dental school, orthodontists receive specialized training in facial development and jaw and teeth movement. We recommend seeing both a dentist and orthodontist for your oral healthcare, not one or the other.

On the other hand, online services do have orthodontists, but you never get to meet them! 100% of your care is done virtually with questionnaires and images of your mouth. While those companies get information crucial to your care this way, they miss many critical details! An in-person orthodontist, like our very own Dr. Francis, conducts a thorough examination to determine if the teeth and gums are healthy enough for movement. Some health concerns are visible in photographs, but others lay under the surface and require X-rays! You don’t want to begin your orthodontic journey when your mouth is unwell and risk unnecessary complications or pain!

Modern Treatment Options!

Most dentists and online services only offer clear aligners for treatment. While we love clear aligners at Decatur Orthodontics, we also understand they are not the best treatment option for everyone! 

Every year, people are drawn to clear aligners because they want to avoid the bulky, prominent appearance of braces. Modern metal braces are sleeker and less noticeable than ever, but if they are still not quite what you’re looking for, we also offer state-of-the-art, stylish alternatives. 

LightForce Braces

LightForce braces are custom, 3D-printed braces. Each bracket is custom designed for your teeth for optimal placement and less divergence. Using LightForce’s amazing technology, Dr. Francis can digitally create your treatment plan accurately and swiftly. A better fit and a personalized plan mean more comfort and fewer adjustments during treatment, so you’ll spend less time in the office and more time doing what you want.

At Decatur Orthodontics, we always encourage patients to feel confident before, during, and after treatment, no matter their treatment route. However, LightForce understands that you might not want the first thing people to notice about you is your braces. That’s why they print their brackets with a durable material that is the same color as your teeth. When paired with the matching ligatures (the bands that hold the wires to the brackets), they give the illusion of “clear” braces.

Brava by Brius Hidden Braces

What if clear braces are still too obvious for your taste, but you don’t want the responsibility wearing of clear aligners? Consider Brava by Brius!

These hidden braces sit behind the teeth, so no one will know you are in treatment unless you tell them! Brava by Brius has also replaced the traditional wire with their Independent Movers design that is pre-programmed to help you achieve your goals. The Independent Movers technology makes your experience quicker and more comfortable than standard braces. 

The unique shape and placement of the Independent Movers allow patients to brush and floss like normal, so you can maintain your same routine and easily upkeep your oral hygiene for beautiful results and a healthy smile!

With our personalized treatment plans and various treatment options, we know we can safely and effectively achieve your smile goals.

Community Involvement!

Dr. Francis and his team are proud members of the Decatur community! We’re honored to be able to serve a neighborhood that permits us to achieve our professional dreams every day by putting smiles on people’s faces. 

Being an orthodontist is more to Dr. Francis than a job; growing up, he didn’t have access to dental care after moving to the States. He doesn’t want other kids to know what that’s like, so he has partnered with Smiles Change Lives, a non-profit organization that aims to provide orthodontic care to those who might not be able to get treatment independently.

Proper alignment of your teeth and jaw does more than give you an “Instagram-worthy” look. It also boosts your self-esteem, makes eating more effortless, and increases your overall physical and mental well-being. A transformed smile can transform your life! If you think you or someone you know qualifies, complete this application to find out!

Choosing Decatur Orthodontics for your treatment is not only an investment in yourself. It’s an investment into your community.

Affordable Care!

If you don’t qualify for Smiles Change Lives, care at Decatur Orthodontics will not cost you an arm and a leg! We take pride in providing affordable care for all our patients without compromising quality!

Since we don’t believe in vague itemized bills or surprise fees, we will break down the cost for you and answer all questions about price before treatment begins! We will also review your insurance policies and help you understand your benefits. We know communicating with insurance companies can be time-consuming and frustrating, but don’t worry! If you like, we can deal with them for you! We have years of experience and can ensure they give you the benefits you’re entitled to.

If you have a remaining balance after insurance is applied, we can discuss payment plans and other payment options, like credit cards.

We don’t want finances to stop anyone from getting the care they need. Our team at Decatur Orthodontics will gladly take all the time necessary to answer all your questions so your question can go from, “Can I afford this?” to “When can I start?”

The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local CommunityDecatur Orthodontics Has Everything You Need To Achieve Your Smile Goals!

To find out more about what Decatur Orthodontics can do for you and how we give back to the community, please contact us! A helpful team member can answer your questions and help you set up a zero-commitment free consultation with our experienced and skilled staff.

We look forward to helping you start this journey and watching your smile transform!