How Do Braces Work?

Taking responsibility for your dental health and receiving braces can be difficult with little knowledge related to the process. But don’t worry! Decatur Orthodontics is here to help you better understand what it means to get braces and how they can help you. Read on to learn how they work, the kinds you can get, and more! 


An Introduction to Braces 

Orthodontic offices are best known for providing braces treatment and their power to transform a smile. This small but mighty appliance can tend to issues such as malocclusion, overbites, underbites, and overcrowding. During check-ins, we will keep track of your progress and make minor adjustments until you achieve a fantastic and functional smile.

Thanks to advancing orthodontics, Decatur Orthodontics is proud to offer the most effective treatments on the market, so you can spend less time in appointments and more time showing off your smile!

Our Treatment Options 

LightForce Clear Braces

Using LightForce technology, our state-of-the-art clear braces offer a discreet appearance and incredible results. They are constructed with custom 3-D printed braces to fix your teeth as if they aren’t even there! This appliance reduces the number of office visits and even your treatment time. Thanks to our detailed models, we can see how your teeth will move before you even wear the appliance. 

Brava Hidden Braces

Another invisible treatment option, Brava Hidden braces work so that each tooth moves independently of the other while still providing a unified result. It sits behind your teeth without disrupting your smile or speech. This appliance can transform the smiles of patients of all ages!

How Treatment Differs For Kids vs. Adults

Because kids’ jaw bones are still malleable, their orthodontic issues can be addressed through pretty straightforward treatment, whereas adults whose bones are finished growing after late teens continue their care process for longer. Kids may also benefit from two-phase treatment to create a solid foundation for their permanent teeth. Adult treatment, though equally effective, may take more time to accomplish.

The earlier an issue is diagnosed, the simpler the treatment can be. However, there is always time to begin. Decatur Orthodontics can meet your needs where they are and help you attain your smile goals!


Deconstructing Braces 


These small square-shaped attachments are placed on the front of your teeth and used to anchor other components, playing a crucial role in the alignment process.


One of the most essential features of your braces, the archwire, is interweaved with your brackets and, in turn, places measured pressure on all of your teeth to create a straight smile.

Rubber Bands

As strong as the archwire is, rubber bands sometimes need to come to the rescue and apply additional pressure on particular teeth to help align them. They are placed on your upper and lower brackets, shifting your jaw. 


Used to keep brackets in their place, this special orthodontic glue is made to last throughout treatment. As strong as it feels, we can remove it effortlessly with the right tools. 


Spacers are tiny elastic rings that fit between your teeth and create even spacing. They are typically used in back molars when crowded teeth need to separate for a metal band to be comfortably placed over them.


Another piece used to anchor the archwire, bands are typically custom-made out of metal and placed on top of your back molars. Only some people need this part, but Dr. Francis may recommend it to make your treatment more efficient.


How Do Braces Work?

Keep A Care Kit For Your Braces

To prepare for at-home braces care, we recommend you keep a care kit on hand to deal with situations if they come up. You likely already have many of the items on this list.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth after each meal keeps your braces in tip-top condition. Taking the time to reach each corner with your toothbrush can help eliminate tiny pieces of food stuck in your braces. Swishing with water is another way to keep them clean if brushing is inconvenient.

Floss and Threaders

No matter the food you eat, there is always a chance a piece can get stuck behind your wires or in between your teeth. Floss sticks will only go so far with your wire spanning across your mouth. We provide floss with special threaders to get to hard-to-reach areas of your teeth.

Orthodontic Wax

In the case of a sharp bracket or wire, tearing off a small piece of orthodontic wax to cover it up is essential in avoiding any irritation. If ingested, it is harmless to your digestive system.


How To Maintain Results After Treatment Is Finished 

After treatment, you’ll want to keep your teeth in place. Decatur Orthodontics provides each patient with a retainer, a custom-made appliance that prevents teeth from shifting out of place. Retainers are available as both fixed or removable appliances. 

Fixed retainers are smooth metal wires permanently placed on the back of your upper and lower teeth. On the other hand, a removable retainer can live outside of your mouth while not needing to wear them. Immediately after treatment, it must be worn full-time for about six months before you can transition to only wearing it while asleep. 

You must stay on top of wearing and cleaning your retainer consistently. Otherwise, the amazing results you achieved will start to shift back.


How Do Braces Work?

Chase Your Opportunity For Braces! 

At Decatur Orthodontics, Dr. Francis and our team work to provide the Decatur community with high-quality orthodontic services you won’t find anywhere else. No matter the condition of your smile, our expert team can meet you where you are and accommodate our treatment options to your needs. Give our office a call at 678-922-4482, and our incredible front desk team will be able to answer your questions and concerns regarding treatment. Schedule your free consultation today!