All About Lightforce Treatment

Braces have been providing life-changing treatment for decades, but unfortunately, many people have avoided getting the treatment they need because of the aesthetic of traditional braces. Much of society thinks they are bulky, uncomfortable, and unfashionable, and while that was maybe once true, it’s not anymore! Modern braces are sleeker and more comfortable than ever, but some are still skeptical about them. This common misconception is why Decatur Orthodontics is proud to offer Lightforce clear braces as an alternative to fixed metal braces to those who qualify so everyone can have the smile they desire.

What Are Clear Braces?

To truly understand Lightforce braces, you first got to know what clear braces are. Most modern braces use brackets made of durable metals like stainless steel and nickel to be strong enough to treat complex orthodontic cases while still being lightweight and comfortable! Contrarily, clear braces use brackets made of a tooth-colored ceramic mix to blend in with the teeth and be less noticeable to others. But don’t let the word “ceramic” fool you! These braces are still powerful enough to handle complex orthodontic cases, but treatment might take longer than their metal counterpart. 

Clear braces are bonded to the teeth like metal braces, so patients of both types have similar guidelines to follow. You must modify your diet and oral hygiene routine to accommodate the appliance in your mouth. These little changes will prevent your ceramic brackets from chipping or cracking and help maintain good oral health. We promise the changes are easy to get used to and only temporary. Before you know it, treatment will be over, and Dr. Francis will remove your braces! You will return to your daily life with a social media-ready smile!

Decatur Orthodontics offers Lightforce clear braces as an alternative to fixed metal braces; they're sleeker and more comfortable than ever!

Why Clear Braces?

As we mentioned earlier, some patients have put off treatment because they feel like the appearance of metal braces might “cramp their [life]style,” so to speak. They worry that they are painful and that others will see their braces, not them. Some might be concerned that the metal braces will affect their career because the orthodontic appliance might not be seen as “professional” by their peers. Some patients might want a more discrete look than traditional braces offer but don’t like the responsibility of removable clear aligners or don’t qualify for them.

For those that qualify, clear braces are the perfect balance of privacy and durability.

What Are The Advantages Of Lightforce Braces?

Lightforce braces are not exactly like other clear braces. Yes, they offer tooth-colored brackets that blend in with the natural color of your teeth and give the illusion of transparency for s subtlety, but that is about where their similarity ends.

Each Lightforce bracket is custom designed and 3D printed for each of your teeth. Decatur Orthodontics will customize and create all your brackets to fit snugly and comfortably on every tooth’s unique surface, minimizing the possibility of them separating from your teeth. 

The front-facing part of the personalized bracket also has a rounded edge, saving your cheek from the pinching and poking that bothers many patients with traditional braces. 

The personalization of your brackets does more than keep you comfortable, however. Lightforce’s digital technology permits Dr. Francis a detailed look into your mouth to ensure he installs the brackets exactly where they need to be. The precise placement speeds up your treatment by allowing Dr. Francis to be more accurate when creating your treatment plan and making periodic adjustments. Dr. Francis will optimally place your brackets, which will not put as much pressure on your teeth to move them at this quicker rate compared to other clear braces, giving you a more pleasant experience with shorter and more pleasant adjustment periods.

The interactive technology that Lightforce patients are privy to lets them see their predicted final results before treatment begins! You’ll feel motivated and excited when you know what you’re working towards!

Decatur Orthodontics offers Lightforce clear braces as an alternative to fixed metal braces; they're sleeker and more comfortable than ever!

Visit Decatur Orthodontics To Get Your Custom Braces!

If Lightfirce braces intrigue you or your child, schedule a free consultation with our Decatur, Georgia, team to determine if you qualify. Your free assessment is quick and easy and includes thoroughly examining your teeth, gums, and facial structure and conversing with Dr. Francies about your options. You can ask all your questions, whether it is about insurance, treatment choices, or treatment plans. When you’re ready, you can schedule an appointment to begin your treatment! You and your family deserve beautiful, functional smiles you love and are proud to show off. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner that will be a reality, so call soon!