Grin Remote Dental Monitoring

When considering your orthodontic treatment experience, would you prefer faster AND fewer office visits? What about closer monitoring between visits and better communication between patient and doctor?

It seems like a wish list of things that are too good to be true for the process of orthodontic treatment, but what if it’s not? With Grin remote dental monitoring, you have something to smile about during your treatment!

If there is one thing we can say about the orthodontic field, it is constantly improving. What used to be a long, uncomfortable process of bulky metal brackets and wires has become a much quicker and even more discreet journey. From custom, 3D-printed clear braces and Invisalign clear aligners for Teens and Adults to Brava custom lingual braces that are hidden on the back of your teeth, orthodontic treatment with Decatur Orthodontics is better than ever before. Still, Dr. Oral Francis and his expert team are dedicated to ensuring that patients in Decatur and surrounding communities receive the latest and most efficient orthodontic care. In keeping with our commitment, we are excited to now offer the Grin remote monitoring system! 

What is Grin Remote Monitoring?

There’s an app for that! No, really, Grin is a digital monitoring system that uses an app to monitor your treatment remotely. With an innovative and easy-to-use scope that you attach to your phone, you take self-scans of your mouth from multiple angles. These scans are sent directly to your Decatur Orthodontics team to be checked out. Dr. Francis can provide feedback, and you can ask questions directly in the app without having to come into the office. Remote checkups reduce the number of in-person visits so you can spend more time living your life. 

Grin is a comprehensive digital platform that provides orthodontic monitoring solutions for all types of teeth straightening methods. The Grin Scope works with any smartphone, making keeping an eye on those precise adjustments easy to do. It is designed to retract the cheeks and lips to allow a complete view of your teeth, the orthodontic appliances, and your gums, so you don’t need any special skills to get the shots Dr. Francis needs to keep your progress on track.

How does Grin work?

If you have ever used a social media app, using Grin is about as simple as that, but without all the memes. Once you have started your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Francis will send you an invitation to the Grin platform. You will download the Grin app on your smartphone and watch a quick tutorial on attaching the Grin Scope to your smartphone’s camera. This tutorial will also explain how to take a quality video scan of your mouth through a few simple steps. 

Dr. Francis will request that you send one 30-60-second scan every two weeks for most patients. Just attach the reusable mouthpiece scope to your smartphone to take the video and use the Grin app to scan and send the video directly to Dr. Francis. Next, he will review your scan and send you a message through the app, letting you know if you’re on track. With the assurance of HIPPA security, communication is made safer and even more efficient than ever before. 

Grin Remote Dental MonitoringWhat are the benefits of Grin?

Even with fewer appointments, your smile is still our top priority. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and speedy smile journey because we invest in the latest treatments and technologies available to create the smile you expect and deserve. With Grin remote monitoring, you’ll still receive top-notch patient care and expert oversight, just as you would with in-office checkups. Dr. Francis will be able to utilize the time he does see you for checkups much more efficiently by having so much crucial information on-hand before you even enter our doors. This means patients can expect a more personalized experience at Decatur Orthodontics. 

Check out some of our favorite reasons to utilize Grin with your orthodontic treatment. 

Save Time

Remote checkups with detailed scans mean you only have to make it to in-person appointments when there is an issue or adjustments to address, which means fewer trips to the orthodontist in general. Some patients even see as many as five appointments taken off their treatment schedule when utilizing Grin. Fewer appointments mean less school and work missed, and more money and time saved not commuting to checkups.

More Efficient

Some things may require a quick response but aren’t quite an emergency. With Grin monitoring, the patient and Dr. Francis have a faster avenue of communication when needed instead of playing phone tag. The bi-weekly scans allow for better tracking of treatment progress so necessary adjustments to your treatment plan can be made sooner, keeping your treatment timeline on track. And the patient responsibility for bi-weekly scans can lead to better compliance with clear aligner wear, elastic wear, and oral hygiene, which can result in better outcomes. 

Real-Time Progress

Grin saves all your scans and communication in the app so you can review your progress anytime. With each check-in, Grin celebrates how far you have come, helping you have confidence knowing your treatment is on track. Seeing your orthodontic treatment process working in front of your own eyes can make the entire journey a more enjoyable one. 

Grin Remote Dental MonitoringVisit Decatur Orthodontics from anywhere with Grin remote monitoring!

By pairing state-of-the-art technology with our thorough understanding of the movement and growth of the teeth and jaws, Dr. Francis and the Decatur Orthodontics team in Decatur, Georgia, will give you a unique treatment plan developed just for your smile. We are proud to have the latest and greatest orthodontic appliances like custom, 3D-printed, clear LightForce brackets and the hidden Brava lingual braces for faster and more efficient tooth movement and shorter treatment times. Our new Grin monitoring with the Grin Scope and Grin app keeps us connected and in the know throughout the whole process. We take pride in making the process of straightening your teeth as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Are you ready to start your smile journey with Decatur Orthodontics and Grin? Schedule your FREE consultation with our expert team today. Our compassionate team is knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to guide you through the teeth-straightening process. In the meantime, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we have been up to and some of our latest smile transformations!